Monday, June 3, 2013

Introducing the Solarize Plano Pilot Project

To participate in the Solarize Plano Program select this link
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to provide your basic information and PSA will contact you with further details.

In collaboration with Live Green in Plano, Plano Solar Advocates is pleased to announce a pilot program to help “Solarize Plano” homes. This program will connect residential homeowners that are ready to install solar, with local, qualified installers and will take advantage of generous local utility incentives that are available for a limited time. This “group purchase” process will reduce anxiety typical with a large purchase and increase customer satisfaction throughout the quote and installation process.  Plano Solar Advocate (PSA) volunteers will educate, coordinate and provide technical support for homeowners (and all other stakeholders) throughout this process.

All across the United States, groups are using this "solarize" approach to enable the installation of clean and cost effective solar energy for distributed electricity generation. You can learn more and see examples of many successful solarize projects from the Community Power Network website. (See Solar Group/Bulk Purchase.)  Also, a short 3 min video about "solarize" concepts is available at this URL -

Solarize Plano Program Highlights and Timeline:
(Please check this site frequently for program/content updates!)

Program Setup (thru June 30, 2013)
  • Initial planning, develop partnerships with trusted organizations (LGIP), meet with local utility (Oncor), local solar installers, and City of Plano Inspectors,  review financial options (City of Plano Smart Energy Loan Program, Credit Unions, etc.)
  • Volunteer recruitment, RFP (Request for Proposal) and Outreach committees established
  • Begin customer enrollment via website  **** ENROLL HERE *** , or by phone, (972) 468-1485. This pilot program target is 20 or more participants.
  • Outreach committee hosts information workshop for prospective/enrolled homeowners to discuss local utility (Oncor) incentives, federal investment tax credit, and financing options. The RFP will also be drafted. Date/Location TBD
Outreach and Education (thru August 31, 2013)
  • Community outreach via various marketing options including, website, blog, emails, print materials, flyers, local festivals, farmers market, press release, etc.
  • Complete customer enrollment! Completed via website, **** ENROLL HERE *** or by phone, (972) 468-1485.
  • Workshops with participants to discuss completed RFP, technical details of the solar PV installation, and to select the preferred installer. Date/Location TBD
Installations (thru October 31, 2013)
  • Install solar systems on Plano homes!
  • Status updates, monitor installations, periodic team meetings, problem resolution and correction when needed
  • Tour of new installations, Celebrations!
To participate in the Solarize Plano Program select this link
**** ENROLL HERE ***
to provide your basic information and PSA will contact you with further details.

This program directly addresses concerns voiced by Plano residents who participated in PSA surveys.

General summary of responses:
  • 72% were not aware of existing solar incentives or tax credits (67% last year)
  • Aside from the concern of cost, the top three reasons cited for not having pursued installation of a solar power system were the same as last year, with a slightly different order of these type three responses.
    • Don't know where to buy it (#2 last year)
    • Don't know who would install it (#3 last year)
    • Lack of confidence in selecting the proper system (#1 last year)
You are encouraged to take the current survey by selecting the link below.
To see the results of earlier surveys, go to our SURVEY page at

To track the growth of installed PV solar capacity in Plano, Solar Installers will report installations to the Open PV Project