[NOTICE: The Go Solar at Home Project is now completed. Information that follows on this page is provided for background and reference. See our home page for any updated projects information.]

2015-2019 "Go Solar at Home" Pilot Project (Complete)
See our blog posting "Go Solar at Home".

[NOTICE: The Solarize Plano Projects are now completed. Information that follows on this page related to these projects is included for background and reference for other groups considering a solarize project. For an overall summary of the completion of the projects, see Solarize Project Summaries.]


2014 Solarize Plano Project - PROJECT COMPLETED

Solarize Plano 2014 - Together with Live Green in Plano (, the Plano Television Network prepared this 2 minute video about the 2014 Solarize Plano Project.

Information Session Meeting Recording
A video recording was made of the March 13, 2014, Solarize Plano Project Information Session Meeting. With special thanks to Live Green in Plano and the Plano Television Network, these recordings are now available as an "on-demand" meeting for participants that have been unable to attend one of the meetings in person. The links to the youtube videos are given below.  You may also want to download a pdf version of the presentation to have available as you watch the videos. Select 2014 Solarize Plano Information Session presentation (pdf)

And don't forget, if you haven't yet enrolled, **** Project Completed  **** through April 30, 2014 (Phase 1), July 15, 2014 (Phase 2)! Tell others!
  • Part 1 - Solarize Plano Intro & Overview (slides 1-15)
  • Part 2.1 - Residential Solar 101 (slides 16-22)
  • Part 2.2 - Residential Solar 101-continued (slides 23-26)
  • Part 3 - Solarize Plano Timeline & Next Steps (slides 27-32)
  • Part 4 - Q&A section - This part is separated into multiple video sections.  If you don't need to watch all of the Q&A, you can search for keywords listed with each video section to find topics of interest for you.
    • Section 1 - net metering, utility buyback plans; battery backup; power outages; electric meters for distributed generation; roof vents, turbines, pipes
    • Section 2 - adding battery backup later, AC coupled systems; Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC); Retail Electric Providers that currently offer buyback plans; power-to-choose website
    • Section 3 - property tax exemptions for renewable energy systems; resale value of homes with solar PV; solar PV system life, return on investment, electricity price hedging; further discussion on system installed costs; future for battery backup systems; equipment costs vs total installed costs
    • Section 4 - solar panel quality and warranties; sizing your solar PV system installation; future solarize/group purchase projects and timing of the projects; group purchase pricing tiers; installation site assessments; homeowners insurance
    • Section 5 - roof assessment and tradeoffs; solar company selection and RFP Review Team; power outages and solar PV; moving considerations, take your system?; permitting & inspections requirements & process; leasing vs buying; solar panel manufacturers