[NOTICE: The Go Solar at Home Project is now completed. Information that follows on this page is provided for background and reference. See our home page for any updated projects information.]
2015-2019 "Go Solar at Home" Pilot Project (Complete)
(Remember: No commitment to install, just a commitment to learn!)

1. Watch this short video to learn the basics of the most widely deployed type of residential solar PV system. It is referred to as a grid-tied batteryless residential solar PV system.  How Home Solar Power Works.

2. A small amount of preparation is required before you enroll in the project. Please read and review the Go Solar at Home Homework Assignment. It is estimated that this will require an investment on your part of about 15-20 minutes. Also, if your schedule permits, plan to attend one our Residential Solar 101 presentations - see Schedules and Presentations. You can also download the presentation from this same URL.

3. After review and completion of the homework assignment, then use the enrollment form below to get started!  (Note: Information from the homework assignment will be needed to complete the enrollment form.)
Also, a previously recorded Residential 101 information session video presentation is available. These two combined videos recorded by the Plano Television Network provide basic "Residential Rooftop Solar 101" consumer education relevant to the Go Solar at Home project. See links below. A pdf version of the presentation used for these video recordings is available - download here.
For additional information, check out our project Questions page.
For information meetings schedule, see Schedules and Presentations

[NOTICE: The Solarize Plano Projects are now completed. Information that follows on this page related to these projects is included for background and reference for other groups considering a solarize project. For an overall summary of the completion of the projects, see Solarize Project Summaries.]

2014 Solarize Plano Project - PROJECT COMPLETED
Enrollment Closed (as of July 15, 2014)

**** Project Completed  **** (commitment to learn, NOT buy)
In case you missed it on our home page, the 2014 Solarize Plano Project is now OPEN for enrollment! Learn about the "solarize", or group purchase concepts, by reading the information in the "About" page of this website. (Updated: See City of Plano Press Release)

To enroll in the project and potentially go forward with participation in this group purchase to have PV Solar installed at your location, 
**** Project Completed  **** (commitment to learn, NOT buy)

<Note: If you are a solar installer/integrator company interested in the competitive bid process (RFP) for the 2014 Solarize Plano program, please use this
**** Project Completed ****
to indicate your interest and to provide your company information.>

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