Friday, September 27, 2013

Enrollment Re-opened - Limted Time!

Solarize Plano Pilot Project Enrollment re-opened through Oct 31, 2013!

(See Introducing the Solarize Plano Pilot Project for original information about the project.)
Due to a shift in Oncor incentive funding availability, the Solarize Plano Project has decided to re-open enrollment for a limited time to give additional Plano residents the opportunity to GO SOLAR!

Follow the steps below to enroll and prepare for your participation in the project.
  1. If you haven’t previously enrolled, enroll by following this link **** ENROLL HERE ***
  2. Review and perform the homework exercise described here - Homework Assignment
  3. Watch and review the on-demand Youtube Information Session - see Schedules and Presentations
  4. Review the brief list of Frequently Asked Questions - see Solarize Plano Project Frequently Asked Questions
  5. Review the participants Decision Points descriptions - see Participant Decision Points
  6. If your response to Decision Point 2 (DP2) is "Yes" or "Maybe" - provide the necessary responses to the questions described in the document - Participant Decision Points
After completing these steps and providing your responses to the DP2 questions, your contact information and your responses related to Decision Point 2 will be provided to the selected solar company.  This company will then contact you to arrange a site assessment and a solar system installation proposal.

Please help spread the word to your neighborhood and other Plano residents in your network!