Monday, August 25, 2014

Future Projects & 2014 Project Status

The Plano Solar Advocates 2014 Solarize Plano Project enrollment is closed.  We are evaluating the possibility of organizing a similar project for 2015 or possibly other alternatives.   Please check back here in late November and/or early December 2014 for an update.

One of the main benefits of "solarize" group purchase type projects is to accelerate the adoption of rooftop solar PV in a given local area.  Other communities that have successfully utilized these group purchase projects have found that the best results are generally achieved within the first two iterations.  Since this 2014 project is our second iteration, Plano Solar Advocates is also considering other alternative type projects. One that is being considered would be similar to the very successful campaign offered by Solar San Antonio called "Bring Solar Home".   (Learn more at  Through this type of program direct assistance is provided to homeowners and businesses interested in going solar.

We would be interested in your feedback for our 2015 project planning. Please use the online poll in the right column of this webpage to let us know whether you would be more interested to participate in a 2015 Solarize Plano Project (group purchase) or more interested in a "bring solar home" type program which can be operated on a more continuous timeline.  If you have some other ideas, please vote for "other program" in the poll and then use the "Other Questions and/or Comments" area in our "Contact Us" form to provide us your thoughts in more detail.

As of August 25, 2014 the current 2014 Solarize Plano Project Contract Statistics are:

# of contracts committed by enrollees
22 (114.3 kW)
# of Phase 1 installations started (planned June 25)
# of Phase 1 installations completed (expected late August)
# of Phase 2 installations started (planned early Sept)
# of Phase 2 installations completed